Toe Up Socks with Heel Flap – Part V – Leg and Cuff

We’ve just finished the heel and we’re ready to knit the leg and cuff. There are a number of ways to close up any gaps that may form at the top of the gusset. Everyone has their favourite way. Here’s mine… When knitting the first stitch of the heel, I pick up the stitch below the last instep stitch (the one just knitted before this stitch) and knit it together with the first heel stitch. This is picked up in the same way as a lifted increase. When I get around to the other side, I knit the first instep stitch in the same way (by picking up the stitch below the last heel stitch). Other people make 1 by picking up the strand between the stitches and then decrease the made stitch on the next row. Do whatever method you find most appropriate for your style of knitting.

Toe Up Sock - Working Leg

So we continue knitting in the round until we get to the cuff. How long do we make the leg? As long as you like. I like to have the leg and cuff of my socks equal the length of the foot. I also usually make the cuff around 1½” – so when I’m 1½” from the end, it is time for the cuff (see image below).

Toe Up Sock - Checking Length

I like to decrease about 10% for the cuff. I work the first round of rib as follows: (Rib 9, work 2 together), then continue on for the desired length.

The cast off edge for toe up socks needs to be super stretchy. Again, there are a myriad of ways to do this. Here is a link to my favourite sock cast off – it is super stretchy and looks neat and tidy. The stretchiness of this cast off equals the stretchiness of the long tail cast on.

After casting off, weave in your ends and you’re done (except for maybe knitting the second sock!)

Toe Up Sock - Finished!

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  1. redambition Says:

    excellent.. i just started a pair of toe up socks and was worried about the cast off. thanks for the link :D

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  3. Janet Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful instructions, it’s a huge help when knitting socks with different weight yarns.

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