I’ve decided on the final set of colours (again) to create my handspun fair-isle hat. Here they are, all ready for blending. Quite happy with them considering I couldn’t dye anything other than primary colours a few weeks ago.

Fair Isle Hat - Dyed Solids

The hat project was put on hold temporarily when a package arrived from Posh Yarn. What can I say? Very posh indeed! Dee’s yarn is simply amazing and the pictures on the website don’t do the yarn justice. I bought 2 skeins of Lucia Sock Yarn (70% Merino, 30% Cashmere) and one skein of Cecilia Cobweb-Weight Yarn (50% Cashmere, 50% Silk).

The Cecilia was purchased to make an undetermined shawl for a friend’s birthday. Dee brought the Garden Party shawl to my attention and I immediately knew it was the lucky winner. So I downloaded the pattern and after a few emails between Dee and I (to determine relative weights of Cecilia and the yarn used in the pattern) I was off. The pattern written by Laura from Fiber Dreams is fantastic. It is clearly written and the graphs are large and easy to read – no need to blow them up with a photocopier.

I decided (with Dee’s help) to use 3.25mm needles instead of 3.75mm since Cecilia is a tad lighter in weight (2/26) than the yarn used in the pattern (2/18). I emailed Laura to find out the dimensions of the centre panel of her blocked shawl to help me determine the difference in sizes between the two. Don’t want to get all the way to the end to find out it is too small! Laura is lovely to deal with – very helpful and friendly too!

I finished off the centre panel this morning and have just blocked it out (very roughly) and I think we’re in business. It isn’t quite as big as Laura’s (to be expected) but it is only marginally smaller, so I’m happy to continue on as soon as it dries.

So I’m off to blend some fibre…

Garden Party I

3 Responses to “Sidetracked!”

  1. Laura Says:

    Your shawl center panel looks great! I love the color. Speaking of loving color… All those differently colored bits of roving are fabulous, and look great together, too. :-)

  2. David Says:

    Thanks Laura!

  3. Jacqui Says:

    Wow, that was quick, still choosing a yarn for this shawl but very tempted to join you with Cecilia. The red is going to be stunning.

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