Blended & Posh

The blending for my fair isle hat project is done and the spinning is underway:

So far I’ve spun up the one on the left, the two on the right and some undyed fibre:

I’ve also been busy this week knitting the Garden Party shawl. There is a KAL in the Posh Knitters group on ravelry. The people involved are great and it has been a heap of fun. More on this next time…

3 Responses to “Blended & Posh”

  1. StashDiva Says:

    I will come over and organize to my hearts content as soon as they find some wonder drug that keeps me out for the 23 hour plain ride :D

  2. Maggie Says:

    You’re spinning lovely little skeins! Your hat will be stunning.

  3. Taija Says:

    I’m really impressed to see how organized your fibers and yarns are!

    You have really nice knittings too! In Finland, where I’m from, this is kind of rare hobby for men, but I see that you are better than most womens are! Good for you!

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