Quite often I find myself wishing I had fibre in a solid or semi-solid that would match and bring out the wonderful colours in handpainted fibre.

Sometimes it would be nice to have a solid yarn to use in conjunction with a handpainted yarn.

Sometimes it would be nice to have a solid single to ply with a handpainted single.

After a few months of mulling this over, I’ve decided to introduce what I’m calling “Duets” into my Etsy shop.

There is no hiding the fact that I love heathered yarns - lots of colours all smooshed together to create a rich and interesting yarn. Mix this in with a little handpainted beauty and voilĂ !

Introducing “Duets” from Southern Cross Fibre…



10 Responses to “Duets”

  1. Pumpkinmama Says:

    Beautiful! A great idea - the “solids” are perfect matches.

  2. Diantee Says:

    I have got to learn to spin! So lovely.

  3. Hattie Says:

    Ooooh the green one is gorgeous!

  4. Ana Says:

    Wow, these are really beautiful!

  5. LittleBerry Says:

    those are really nice David… and the colours are good too not too wishy washy and not too strong…

  6. easyknitter Says:

    OMG… I WANT! I love them…. They look like just the perfect fiber duets to create a stripy tank-top ;-)

    I may be adding something like this to my christmas list…. or birthday list, as both are coming round rather soon :-)

    Well done, I love them!


  7. Jewel Says:

    I like them!!! What great colors.

  8. Jadis Day By Day Says:

    Ooooh…I covet!!

  9. Celena Says:

    Just gorgeous …

  10. Lynn Says:

    Ah! Your colors are gorgeous! Nice job!

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