Farewell 2008!

2008 will be a year I look back on fondly as a year where I "met" and made friends with so many wonderful people thanks to the wonder of Ravelry. Some of whom I met in person when I visited the USA for Rhinebeck in October.

A thread in the Posh Knitters group on Ravelry asked everyone to list their knitting output for the year. I thought my output must be pretty sucky until curiosity got the better of me and I decided to go through my projects and stash on Ravelry.

Here is what I came up with:

  • 4 Lace Shawls
  • 6 Pairs of Socks
  • 5 Scarves (woven)
  • 2 Scarves (knitted)
  • 2 Dog Coats
  • 2 Hats
  • 1 Sweater
  • 1 Baby Jacket
  • 1 Blanket
  • 1 Pair of Mittens

According to my Ravelry stash, I spun 14344 metres (15687 yards) of yarn in the last year!

Best wishes to you and your family for a safe and happy 2009!

2 Responses to “Farewell 2008!”

  1. alke Says:

    Your output in 2008 was fabulous! The fibre kind and the word kind ;-)

    You spun 14344 meters? O M G!
    And you’ve dyed up a few Blamb’s - don’t forget them!

  2. DebbieB Says:

    Wow, you were really productive! I spin far more than I knit - I’ll have to total up my yardage…

    Getting to know you was one of the highlights of my 2008, even if we didn’t get to meet in person. :)

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