Spin, Spin, Spin!

I’ve been busy spinning. Spinning, spinning and more spinning. What else is there to do when it is 40°C (104°F) out but stay inside and close to the air conditioner?

First up, a new-to-me blend from Spunky Eclectic - 60% Wool/40% Linen with a drape to die for. Custom dyed by Boogie.

Spunky Wool/Linen Blend

Next… some of my Polwarth from Southern Cross Fibre in "Vigilance"

Come In Spinner Polwarth - Vigilance

And a couple of club spins - "Champange" Wool Blend - Spunky Eclectic Fibre Club - December 2008

Spunky Club - Champagne

Last, but certainly not least, "Night Sky" Superwash BFL - Hello Yarn Fibre Club - January 2009

Hello Yarn - Night Sky

9 Responses to “Spin, Spin, Spin!”

  1. Sandrine Says:

    Wow, I love your spinning ! Especially the first one with linen.

  2. Velvet Says:

    Those yarns are just beautiful! As usual, you spin divine!

  3. Hattie Says:

    LOVE the linen one, did you have to ask her for that one special??

  4. peaknits Says:

    Wow - I love it all! That Vigilance is gorgeous!

  5. DebbieB Says:

    Beautiful yarns - the blue really POPS in the Vigilance!

  6. picperfic Says:

    they all look lovely but especially the top one…was the linen hard to spin?

  7. Faith Says:

    Hey! You blogged!! :)

    I like them all, but Night Sky is just plain fan-freaking-tastic.

  8. David Says:

    Hattie - I didn’t ask for it - it was a gift from Boogie :)

    picperfic - the linen wasn’t hard to spin, probably because of the wool in the blend. It was surprisingly easy.

    Faith - yeah… it happens from time to time :)

  9. I'm busy knitting Says:

    Your spin is fabulous!
    I just started with a drop spindle.

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