Fiddlehead Mittens

The Hello Yarn Fiddlehead project is done! Hooray!

The fibre - Hello Yarn Fibre Club January 2009 - "Norway" BFL:
Hello Yarn Club - Norway4

The fibre was separated into colours and blended into heathery batts. I dyed extra silver BFL and blended it with a titch of navy BFL to give it a lift and to coordinate better with the heathered colours.

Hello Yarn Norway - Fiddleheads

The BFL batts were spun semi-worsted into a 3-ply worsted weight yarn. I usually get around 160 metres of 3-ply worsted weight from 115 grams (4 oz) of BFL, so I carded 115 grams (4 oz) of the main colour and 30 grams (1 oz) of each of the contrasts. This turned out to be sufficient with some leftovers. Singles were spun at around 26 - 29 wpi. Finished yarn is 11 - 12 wpi (fairly loosely plied).

Hello Yarn Norway - Fiddlehead Yarn

The lining - natural Polwarth blended with Possum fur (70/30 blend) - woollen spun 2-ply sport weight. Singles spun at 32 wpi. Finished yarn was 14 wpi.

Fiddlehead Lining - Polwarth Possum

Fiddleheads - Lining

And done!
Handspun Fiddleheads1

Handspun Fiddleheads5

10 Responses to “Fiddlehead Mittens”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Those are amazing! Beautiful work.

  2. Yarndude Says:

    I LOVE these. I can’t believe you spun up all that yarn and made such beautiful mittens with it! Here’s quite an embarrassing tale for you - I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while and I’ve been very impressed and I just now discovered that you are “David” over on Ravelry. I had no idea!! (I had to go hunt you down so I could fave these mittens…)

  3. Vicki Says:

    Fabulous results!
    I’m loving the fiber I ordered from you.

  4. DebbieB Says:

    I love all the pictures and details - and the mittens, of course. :)

  5. Molly Bee Says:

    OMGosh! I love these!!!!! I have been coveting that mitten pattern but haven’t tried them yet. The colors you dyed and spun up (SWOON!) are absolutely perfect!!!!!

  6. Libby Says:

    Wow! the whole process from fleece to fingers…… as a beginning spinner (sometimes) I’m in awe - they are gorgeous.

  7. Jan Says:

    That looks seriously beautiful!!!!

  8. emma Says:

    I never thought to separate roving and blend it into batts! You’re quite the inspiration David! Looks fab!

  9. Julia Says:

    This is so brilliant. So well done - and I am a bit jealous at your abilities - you are so good at what you do.


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    […] that they were made from his own Handspun yarn too!  (you can read all about it on his blog - here […]

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