Batt Stacking

See this post for basic batt spinning information.

Next up… batt stacking! This is a great method for getting a lot of colour into your yarn. It is also a wonderful method for getting so much colour into your yarn that the barber-poling effect practically disappears.

First… lay out your batts into rectangles. Give them a good stretch so you end up with a reasonably thin layer of fibre.


I’m using a blue batt, a brown batt and half a yellow batt in this example. I’ve stretched the yellow batt out *really* thin to match the size of the other two batts I’ve chosen.


Now I stack them on top of each other:



Z-strip them or tear into strips, being careful to tear through all three layers as evenly as possible.



This is one case where a little pre-draft can help - it meshes the layers together and makes drafting the colours evenly a little easier. Work your way slowly along the length of the fibre, being careful at the ends of the “Z”’s if you chose to Z-strip. If it breaks, no drama! Just continue on.


Even after pre-drafting, the width of all three layers is about the width of two fingers.


And wound into a ball, ready to spin!


The singles on the bobbin (in front):

Batt Spinning

And the finished yarn on the left:

SCF Merino Silk - Earth Yarn

4 Responses to “Batt Stacking”

  1. DebbieB Says:

    I will have to try this blending technique!

  2. Therese Says:

    Nice job, David! Visiting NZ and Tasmania in Feb/March. Let me know if I can get your something that I can mail from Queenstown or Hobart. BTW, I’m selling my Pat Green 7-drum roving machine, if you’re interested. Not that I can carry 380 lbs. LOL

  3. Phyllis Says:

    That is really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Laura Hogan Says:

    Brilliant! That looks so much fun! I love your yarns they are absolutely stunning! Look forward to trying that technique! Thank you for sharing

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