Ravelympics – Last Minute Preparations

I’ve been in two minds about participating in the Ravelympics event on Ravelry. Why? I wanted to enter the sweater event, but I started spinning two pounds of Hello Yarn Targhee “Parritch” for a sweater a couple of weeks back. I really should have waited and used that as my Ravelympics project, but the fibre is so yummy that I couldn’t wait to start spinning it.

I woke up this morning and thought that I’d enter regardless (since one sweater project is never enough) and set about looking for the right pattern and fibre. I ended up deciding on “The Fog Sweater” (Ravelry Link) in “Green Tea” Polwarth. I dyed a kilo of fibre this afternoon and I’m waiting patiently for it to cool enough before rinsing.

Ravelympics - Prep2

Nothing like leaving things to the last minute.

12 Responses to “Ravelympics – Last Minute Preparations”

  1. DebbieB Says:

    Dry, polwarth, dry!!!

  2. Claudia Says:

    Phwoooooo! Whhhhhhhhhh! Phhhhhhhhhhwooo.

    (This, by the way, is me blowing hot, dry WA wind your way… :P)

  3. Cynthia A Says:

    That’s going to be a great sweater that will be very hugable. It’s a good thing that your boss is OK with you using up a whole kilo of lovely Polworth fibre. ;)

  4. heather Says:

    Oooh, a whole kilo of squishy polworth - it will be fantastic!

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