Ravelympics – Let the Games Begin

I’m happy to report that my fibre (a kilo of Polwarth in “Green Tea”) dried in time for the start of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Hooray!

Australians aren’t big on winter sports. After all, a very small percentage of the country actually gets any snow in the winter, requiring most of our Winter Olympics athletes to train overseas. But we are known for our sportsmanship, so we give it a red-hot go anyway. Go Aussies and good luck to all of the athletes from around the world competing at the games.

Southern Cross Fibre Polwarth - Green Tea

2 Responses to “Ravelympics – Let the Games Begin”

  1. alke Says:

    Oh, David, you cannot imagine how welcome the sight of this lovely spring green is to me!
    We’re a bit sick of snow right now, but the muddy grey that is the alternative is not suited to lift your spirit, really.

    I wish you strength and stamina for your contest, and above all, have fun!

  2. Terri Says:

    I heart that color!

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