The Simple Things in life are often the best

Looking for the perfect TV knitting project? Then look no further than the Simple Things Shawlette from Rainy Day Goods. This easy-to-knit shawl is perfect for showing off the colours in handspun yarn.


And just when the stocking stitch rows are getting long enough to become a little tedious, Mary-Heather has thrown in some feature rows to keep things interesting.



Pattern: Simple Things Shawlette by Mary-Heather Cogar (Ravelry Link)
Yarn: Fingering weight 2-ply handspun from Southern Cross Fibre Club’s Oatmeal BFL in the “Deep Thought” colourway.

5 Responses to “The Simple Things in life are often the best”

  1. Mary-Heather Says:

    <3 <3 <3

    Your handspun is just beautiful, as always, and I’m so honored that you’re knitting Simple Things with it!! Those stripes are making me lose my mind a little bit. LOVE THEM.

  2. Kristen Says:

    Love this! I was looking for a good mindless knitting project, to give me a break from my lace knitting nightmare, and this fit the bill nicely. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Diseño Web Says:

    Wow, such gorgeous knitting!

  4. Helen Says:

    I love your shawl makes me wish I knew how to spin. Gorgeous handspun yarn.

  5. Debbi Says:


    Did you have to adjust the pattern/needles when using finglerling weight 2 ply? Pattern calls for 4 ply.
    I am very new to knitting.

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