Toe Up Socks with Heel Flap – Part III – Casting On and The Toe

Welcome back! I hope you’re armed with needles, yarn and calculations.

My preferred method for socks is either magic loop or working on two circulars. I prefer magic loop if I’m working on one sock at a time, but use two circulars if working on both socks simulateously. Use whatever you feel comfortable with. If you’d like to try something new, check out for great videos on magic loop, working with dpns and working with two circulars. Being able to easily try the sock on as you’re going is one added benefit when working magic loop or two circulars.

Toe Up - Part III

My new favourite cast on for toe-up socks is Judy’s Magic Cast On. It works a lot better than my old favourite – figure 8 cast on – since there is no tightening up of stitches involved.

Since we’re working from the toe upwards, we need to sort out our increasing method. If you want a nice invisible increase, I suggest using M1L and M1R (see for videos). When working the toe increases, use these increases one stitch in from “edge”. By edge I mean the side of the foot. For example, if you cast on 12 stitches, your first round would be:

(K1, M1L, K4, M1R, K1) twice

Otherwise, if you want a little texture, use the bar increase (knit into front and back of stitch). Bar increases are best worked in the first and second-last stitches, since the bar appears to the left of the stitch. If worked in this way, you’ll end up with the bar one stitch in from the “edges”. Again, if you cast on 12 stitches, your first round would be:

(Inc in first st, K3, Inc in next st, K1) twice

One last thing to note - the first half of the stitches are the sole stitches, the second half for the top of foot. Doesn’t make a lot of difference if you’re doing a stocking stitch (stockinette) sock, but relevant if you’re using some form of stitch pattern for the top half of the foot.

Here we go! Don’t forget to substitute your calculated values wherever you see a letter in brackets, eg “(A)” should be substituted for your value for A.

Cast on ______(G) stitches using Judy’s Magic Cast On. The first half of the stitches are for the bottom of the foot, the other half for the top of the foot.

Increase at the beginning and end of each half, on every round, ______(I) times, then every alt round until you have ______(E) stitches. If you like a more tapered toe, you could increase every third round instead of every alternate round.

Continue straight until your work measures ______(O).

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    I found your blog through Ravelry. I am a beginning spinner and think your 3-ply handspun is lovely.

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    Thanks punkin!

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